New Year’s Resolutions 2010

Ok, so these are published a little late and I’m already slightly overdue on #2 but the way I’ve approached New Year’s resolutions in the past is to treat them as guidelines and navigational beacons. Some require a little more strict adherence than others, but I’m pretty excited about my ideas for 2010!

New Year’s Resolutions

1. Read one non-fiction book for general edification purposes a month. Categories that do not count are medicine, memoir or how-to-fold-origami. (The last is listed because origami and I will never work out. Cranes spite me.) [Note: On further consideration, this will have to wait until after the inservice exam on 3/6/10. I need to crush that thing so all reading time is devoted to medicine.]

2. Blog once a week

3. Start p90X on 1/10 in order to finish on my birthday weekend. I want to look and feel amazing on my big 3-0!

4. Have an awesome 2 week vacation during my research block to Copenhagen and Zurich with a side trip to visit Mechen during an awesome port call *fingers crossed!*

5. Write a letter once a week (at least!) to Mechen while he’s on deployment.

6. Find an organization to volunteer with and perform community service.

7. Go to Church once a week, preferably on Sunday.

8. Work on my Spanish. Practice 15 minutes a day once inservice is over.

9. Continue to study hard in ENT by being more consistent with my reading. At least 15 minutes anatomy and 30 minutes reading Monday-Thursday with 2-3 hours Friday-Sunday. That is bare minimum requirements.

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