So excited!

I’m so excited! New Year’s plans have come together beautifully. The group of people is going to be really fun and it turns out we’ll go to the J Bar at Hotel Salomar. We’re reserving a cabana at the rooftop bar. There will be music, dancing, a place to sit, lots of heat lamps- it’ll be great. The more we thought about the W, the more it seemed that it might be a little too “scene-y” to have a completely amazing time. I think the JBar will be a little more mellow, but still really fun. And everyone’s really excited to meet Mechen.

I’m on call this Christmas weekend so I’m a little wary of getting too excited in case the ER decides to give me lots of extra presents this weekend. I hope not, but they tend to extra generous at the most inopportune times.

I can’t wait to talk to family this weekend though. My parents, sister and brother are in Denmark, my grandfather’s in Florida and I’ll try to figure out how to contact my other brother in Vail. Man, I would love to be in Vail. I loved it this Summer. What a beautiful, amazing place!

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