Fun weekend!

This weekend was so much fun and to cap it all off, Mechen called tonight! That was definitely the highlight. I miss that guy so much. But to go back to the beginning…

On Friday, Jenny and I went to Lancers to play several games of pool. I was completely off of what little game I have but it was fun and pretty chill. Art and Nate met up with us and we went to SmallBar for some food. I had the sliders last time, which were quite tasty and this time I ordered the corn dogs. They were delicious, but I definitely didn’t eat both of them. That would have been a lot of corndog for sure. We had a few beers and had the most hilarious interaction I’ve had yet in a San Diego bar. Janet had come with two of her best friends, “Bestie” and “Boozer,” who sounded more frenemy then friend as Boozer was talking to a guy at the bar whom Janet had seen first. Boozer apparently snagged him by “being all up against him and snuggling him into her fake boobs like this.” Well, “this” involved Janet grabbing Art’s bald shiny noggin and basically motorboating him against her chest. It was amazing. And it happened three times. I felt so lucky. I’m not so sure about Art.

Well, alas, Janet was unsuccessful in luring the man away from Boozer so she left in her silver Tiburon. *Sigh* Drunk drivers, major boo. Well, Bestie came out, realized Janet was gone and hauled Boozer out to the sidewalk to discuss how to get home. Boozer wasn’t planning on going anywhere and told Bestie to take a cab. This resulted in a cat fight with lots of scratching and drunken punches being thrown, meaning they missed and kind of flailed. You know, when you try and hit a baseball and miss so you end up spinning around a few times with the bat? Exactly.

The patio closed at 10 and we moved in and I was pretty much done for the night. I wasn’t really planning on staying out out, so we all parted ways.

The next day, I went to a Bar Method class. It was my sixth one in a row, which I think is a little much. I think the ideal balance is 3-4 days a week. My legs were pretty wiped although I still got a great workout.

Next up was brunch. Jenny had been scouting out Farmhouse Cafe, which we found out is a Sunday brunch only type of place. So we went to Adams Ave Grill. It was amazing. Slow service (understaffed) from a check perspective, but the food came out piping hot. It was delicious. I had a Belgian waffle with cooked bacon bits in the batter topped with cheesy grits and scrambled eggs. A bit heavy but awesome. The rest of the table ordered egg dishes although at some point, I need to con someone into getting the Lavender infused Creme Brulee French toast so I can have a bite.

After that I did laundry where I locked my keys in the car. I almost opened it myself but ended up calling a tow truck/opener. Then I washed and vacuumed my car, went to the commissary and cleaned the house a bit. Definitely an errand-y Saturday but I had to get things done.

Today, I went on the El Cajon mountain hike which was 12 miles of craziness. The trail winds its way over several sub-peaks so there’s a lot of ups and downs meaning walking out is just as hard as walking in (ok, maybe a little easier). It was fun but my legs feel like lead!

Afterwards, Nate and I went to South Beach Bar and Grill and I got two Baja fish tacos. Amazing. I had some ice cream from Whole Foods afterwards and a nice nap. BTW, I hate when people self-righteously assess other people’s food at Whole Foods. I’m not vegan and I dig ice cream. Zip it!

Finally, the highlight of my weekend was talking to Mechen tonight. I’m the luckiest. It was great to hear his voice, although it completely reopens the slight amount of compartmentalization I am able to achieve and I miss him so much. Oh well, just a few short (yeah right) months left.

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