DMV, a.k.a. the Star Wars bar scene

Today, I went to DMV and cursed CA smog laws! I have to get a smog test. This is NOT in accordance with the website. I went to MCRD to get the test and I learned that an automatic “FAIL” is generated by any car with a check engine light on. They were nice enough to send a mechanic out to check and verify that the check engine light was actually illuminated before telling me to get my car fixed before running the test. Actually, I’m being slightly sarcastic because, really Mr. Mechanic? Do you REALLY think I’m unable to recognize a light on my dashboard that’s in the shape of engine as the mother-ef’ing “check engine” light? Maybe I’m just so stupid that I would confuse the oil can light with the engine light. Thanks for being a condescending a-hole…girls don’t know anything about cars.

I feel slightly guilty about calling someone who was trying to do me a favor a mean name, but I just don’t appreciate the motivating assumption that I was an idiot.

DMV itself was slightly more cheery than expected, but mostly because I was expecting a dungeon. The woman who inspected my car was quite nice and let me get back in line despite my number having been called when I was outside taking off my license plates. Thank you Misha! Thank you Lisa! Shout out to the nice people at DMV!

I also went to a Bar Method class this morning. By the time my 30 days are up, I will have gone to 19 classes. I love the classes. The combination of workout sub-sections and peppy music really make the hour fly by. I feel stronger and more flexible. No weight loss (slight boo!) but I feel leaner. I had really shirked from the strength training for several months and deluded myself into thinking that the scale staying the same meant that everything was ok, rather the lovely and insidious process of adding fat and losing muscle. Awesome-o. Not recommended!

Ooo, but what is recommend is Mumford and Sons. New love! And I bought tickets to see them at Belly Up Tavern. I’m so excited. They have a lovely mix of poetic lyrics and fast/slow parts to most songs. Although whoever writes the songs was seriously wronged by a former flame. Yikes. Some of the lyrics are withering. Hell hath no fury…

This weekend, Jenny and I are heading up to Santa Monica, followed by a Sunday spent at the Getty Museum. I’m excited for the mini-road trip!

And there’s been an awesome email string among my college friends recently so I have a couple of “To Reads” to add to the list: The Help, Stieg Larsson’s crime trilogy. The Larsson books are not in my usual genre but in 2008, only The Kite Runner outsold his first book.

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