San Diego Spring!

I feel like my life is so boring after vacations! I go from doing new, exciting things all day long to the fairly mundane day-to-day. That being said, I love my life! I just don’t know how interesting it is to talk about it sometimes. Whah-whah (aside: how do I type the Debbie Downer tone b/c I think what I just typed “sounds” more like crying).

My weekend has been pretty fun although SUPER mellow. The highlight was definitely Mechen calling! Hooray for sneaky phone calls on official lines! It was so great to talk to him and hear his laugh. It’s funny because we keep up pretty well by email but there’s so much to say and not that much time on the phone and sometimes I just want to sit there on the phone, knowing that we’re doing the exact same thing at the exact same time.

I also got my nails done and I might have a new thing! I think my hands and feet look just slightly more “neat” and I love the unlimited tacky options I can have on my toenails. Mainly in terms of color. I think I’m too cheap for flowers or Swarovski crystals on my big toe! Right now, I have a delightfully tacky hot pink color on my toenails. I would pick a totally Crayola color except I always think I’m being made fun of when all of a sudden, the language switches from English to another! Choices!

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