Sister, Sister!

I know I still owe you a East Coast recap but I had to write a brief recap of my weekend with my awesome sister featuring a special guest appearance by Hillary and Jason.

Brady and I walked down to Little Italy from our place. We ate at a little pizza place because there was the best outdoor back deck. We shared a slice of cheese pizza, spinach calzone and a pitcher of Oktoberfest beer. Delicious! Then we went to El Camino for margaritas which was fun, but not the most amazing place ever. I think I’m feeling the need to move on to other places although you can’t beat walking distance!

On Saturday, we picked up Hillary and Jason and went to C level, Cabrillo National Monument for the views and tidepools, a epic trip to the zoo (must make the most of $37 for admission!) and finally, South Beach for the best fish tacos anywhere. Anyone who says Rubio’s is smoking crack! Oh yeah! We also went to Extraordinary Desserts for delicious cake- 3 slices for 4 people and we couldn’t even finish them!

On Sunday, Hillary and I went out to brunch and then I worked on my paper for the Academy until 1:30 that morning!

Today, Brady and I were crazy efficient with errands AND went for a 5 mile run up at Cabrillo and went sailing in San Diego harbor for 1.5 hours. It was awesome and so much fun- once I got my sailing skillz back. The first 15 minutes weren’t so terrific.

Ok, this is a brief dashed off note but more details on certain places (South Beach!) to come!

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