No hitter…for now!

I know the weekend isn’t over yet but I’ve had an excellent call weekend so far. Even if the shit hits the fan later today and tonight, the two no-hitter nights have been awesome and much appreciated. This past week, I was up until 1:30 for 4/5 nights working on my academy paper, which was finally submitted Friday night at 11. It looks pretty good and even though the reviewers will catch a few flaws that will need revisions, it’s definitely in more than acceptable shape.

After a week like that though, I was TIRED! I went to bed Friday at midnight and slept in until 10, with a brief interruption at 7 where I thought I was up and would be unable to fall aslee-zzzzzzzzzzzzz! Brady and I went to the beach yesterday for 4 hours- it was awesome! I didn’t get burned(!), the temperature was perfect and it was so much fun to be lazy and take a nap. After that, I was definitely caught up on sleep!

That night, we went out to Jolt’n Joe’s downtown for a fellow resident’s birthday party which was so much fun. Melissa, Brooke, Zheng, my sister were awesome to hang out with and catch up. I have been so MIA lately on the weekends with the Hawaii trip, unexpected trip to Norfolk and college friends in town that I hadn’t “hanged” for a month! I had my standard cranberry and seltzer to drink (awesome go-to non-alkie drink) since I was on call AND driving.

Today, I’m at work. I have to write two notes and work on a presentation. I think I’m going to go soon though and go check out a few bike shops. Maybe Brady and I can go to Torrey Pines too. I’ll check out the ER status board right before I go. If it’s empty, I should be safe for at least a few hours.


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