Best call Sunday!

Today was a terrific day! I did so much, spent too much money (wait for it!) and had so much fun hanging out with my sister.

First, I went to Farmhouse Cafe with Jenny. It was delicious! We split a small plate of ricotta pancakes followed by onion tart w/poached eggs for her and biscuits and gravy w/sausage and duck egg for me. While my dish was delicious, I couldn’t finish it b/c it was a little too rich and I also am not the biggest fan of biscuits and gravy. Is that totally weird for ordering it then? I think so, but I knew it would be good and it’s something that I would never make myself that I had to see how it was done. So, while tasty, I’m getting something else next time. There will definitely be a next time because I love that place, just notsomuch what I ordered today.

Then, I went back to the house, picked up Brady and we were off! We went to the Farmer’s Market where we got TOTALLY suckered into to buying a ridiculous amount of fruit. One stand had “Fill a bag for $10” and we fell for it! But, we will figure out how to use it because 1. I don’t like wasting time, food or a good deal and 2. a normal amount would have cost the same amount at full-price so why not pony up to the challenge of buying way too much?!

I also bought some gorgeous mini-bouquets, which are my frequent treat to myself. Then, we went to Velo Cult where I bought a new bike! It’s a Miyata touring bike and I love it. I definitely need to get used to the non-cruiser bike seated position but I can’t wait to ride it to work and all about town! I am going to pick it up tomorrow or Tuesday depending on what time I get out of the OR. But just in case, I will run to work tomorrow so I can make it up the hill if I manage to get out of here before 1830.

Next, we went to Pizza Port and split a small Port OB Pizza- mozzarella, gorgonzola crumbles, portobello mushrooms, roasted red peppers, butternut squash, asparagus and bacon. Amazing! Even splitting half a small was too much but in a great way. Then we stopped for small fro-yos.

After the feasting, we finally set out for what we meant to do all day- hike the Torrey Pines trails. It was beautiful and close to sunset so it worked out well going later in the afternoon. I dropped her off at the house earlier and then I came here to work on my Powerpoint for the academy meeting. That’s been going nowhere but I will get off the Internet and get cracking!


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