Meet the Fockers!

I just came back from the best weekend. I got to meet all of Mechen’s brothers along with their families. Everyone was really welcoming. It’s a really sweet family that, like mine, is able to pick up where they left off even though it had been FOREVER since Mechen had seen them (6 years! Way too long!).

Best of all, even though everyone was really nice, it was also very real. It wasn’t like we were insta-family right away (just add water!), but they were happy that Mechen was happy and we all got along really well. I remember one ex’s family was so overbearing- “Call me Mom!”- and it was really off-putting. I HAVE a family and even though over time we’ll all be closer, it’s something that happens over time. I guess I’m just a little sensitive to people insinuating that my family couldn’t possibly be close since we don’t live near each other, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I love my family!

We hung out in Hagerstown for the weekend. Mechen and I hung out on our own a little bit, but it was mostly family time. He has the cutest nephews!

Also, vegan month is dead like the cow in the burger I ate on Sunday. Although I’m not going on a crazy meat-eating rebound since I didn’t eat much to begin with, the strict veganism thing is not for me. It’s WAY too much thinking about food and tracking it which I don’t think is healthy, at least for me. Becoming compulsive about food is not enjoyable and since I really do love a good meal (balance is key!), I really didn’t want to sap away the social interaction and pleasure that food can bring.

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