Time flies!!!

I feel that a lot of people have been commenting about how the end of the year is flying by. I, for one, love it because it means Mechen and I are that much closer to him coming out to San Diego. I am so excited! I really miss him this month! I won’t see him until mid-December when he’s set to move because I can’t make it out there and he’s really busy settling things out back in Norfolk. Although he has roughly 4 weeks before the move, he’s going to be underway for just shy of two weeks during that time.

But I haven’t been good at ALL about updating. Halloween was a lot of fun. Brady and I went out to a Halloween party in Golden Hill which was held in the most amazing house. It had gilded wallpaper! Although it was fun, we left early so we could meet up with people in the Gaslamp. It was an awesome people-watching seen. We went to Jimmy Love’s and listened/danced to a great cover band. After the bars closed, it was almost as bad as downtown was on New Year’s Eve, but we managed to get home.

I went as Rosie the Rivetor which was a great costume although I felt sort of butch-y, mainly because I wasn’t totally skanked out which, while ridiculous, was something I was borderline self-conscious about. DUMB! Who’s self-conscious on Halloween? Unless you go as a nudie- that might attract a little too much attention.

November has been a pretty good month so far. I started at Kaiser for a three month rotation. I’ve already gotten some amazing cases and I really think I’m going to get a great operative experience, especially with neck dissection and oncologic surgery. I can’t wait because I definitely haven’t seen enough of that yet in my residency.

Things are going well with Brady here although those days are ticking down too. She’s heading to Copenhagen and Zurich for December and early January. She’s coming back to San Diego but then she’s getting her own place and I’ll be with Mechen! Which of course is great but this has definitely been the best sister time! Who else can I sing “You smell!” songs to as an adult?

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