Fair warning, I don’t think I’ll be able to walk tomorrow

Just before lunch, I went to the gym with Anil, my co-research resident-in-crime. He had been talking about CrossFit workouts so I figured I was game. I asked, “Are we going to go for a run too?” Silly, silly me. Anil was kind and said, “Well, these workouts are sometimes longer than you think.”

Holy heck. The workout was 15 hang cleans, 15 box jumps and 15 kettleball swings x 7. I started out slightly behind since my attempts to do pull-ups during warm-ups had already put the hurt on me. I was whipped! It was so hard. I did all the sets, mainly because another guy who was there had little self-motivating phrases such as “Don’t be a bitch” as he was working out. Well, I didn’t want to be a “bitch” then either! Hey Mister, I can do this workout too. Ok, maybe with a lot less weight but still.

So, that was my first day of Cross-Fitness madness. I think it’ll be an ok workout to do now and then. Some of their daily workouts are require really esoteric equipment that would be difficult to find outside a gymnasium. Also, I really don’t want to bulk up at all. The workout today was good b/c of so many sets but I’m going to stick with Bar Method as my primary means of strength training.

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