Happy Valentine’s Day/Weekend Wrap-Up

I’m sitting in my kitchen right now, slightly buzzed off of my delicious wine waiting for Mechen to give me the 15 minute signal so I can start cooking…lobster! Augh! I have been reading a lot of veg/vegan blogs lately and I would really like to incorporate that more into my diet. Also, the “clank-clink-clank” of the little lobster claws against the pot weird me out, but for now, meat is still in my diet and lobster it will be. But I am wondering how I can convince the man to go veg/vegan. It might take some doing but also, he is sometimes so enraptured by me (I have no idea why), that I just may be able to convince him.

But, while I’m waiting for my Valentine’s Day surprise(s), it’s time for weekend wrap-up.
Friday: Happy Hour with live music at the Belly Up didn’t happen, but The Third Corner for dinner did. It was delicious, although Mechen liked the food a little more than I did. I had a flavorful bass with asparagus hash but I thought the dish was tainted by a dijon mustard slather-bath all over the delicious fresh fish. But it was still really good, I just thought the fish could have been less adultured. Mechen had mussels that were also tasty so it was a turf feast for the two of us.

Saturday was a fun day with a late sleep-in and then travelling to San Diego for the airshow. First we went to Cabrillo that was too far out to have a good view, and then we went down to Harbor Island and watched the last bit from Johnny’s Famous while drinking Bloody Mary’s. The Stenis CAG flyover was pretty impressive although to be honest, there were a few fly-overs above the Kitty Hawk that beat it. Sorry, but I didn’t see any stealth bombers over San Diego Bay! Then we went to the Linkery and had dinner with Cat. Then, we came back to Cardiff and watched most of Tropic Thunder although someone was an old man and fell asleep 2/3rds through!

On Sunday, we went to the Farmer’s Market by car after I was so excited to go by bike. I pumped up the tires, all the while singing, “I love the Farmer’s MArket, I love to ride my bike, Toodley Doo!” But then my inner DJ went “ERRRRRRKKKKKK!” when Mechen said he didn’t want to ride my bike (which is comically small for him) and especially without a helmet since he bonked his head last week falling down a mini-cliff. Well, fine! It was sort of hilarious since it was a moment that definitely highlighted that, sigh, I have some work to do on communicating while living with someone. He can’t read my mind and if I wanted to ride bikes and get all excited about it, we should have spoken about it. Instead, we drove to the Leucadia Farmer’s Market, where Mechen asked what exactly was so big about gluten-free since there were about 2:1 gluten-free stands to normal pastry/bread stands. It was sort of weird. It was a very SoCal/North County Market. I want to make a mockumentary. Bratwurst lovers vs. gluten-averse vegans. Iiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee!

But then, after the Farmer’s Market, I was mad. Dammit, we lived in North County. Mechen NEEDED a bike, his budget be damned. So, I decided that I would buy him a bike for Valentine’s Day and HOORAY, there was a VERY reasonably priced one on Craigslist (because nothing says Valentine’s Day like bargain-priced gifts). We went down to Chula Vista to get it (boo!) and then rode the Silver Strand for a lovely 15 mile ride break-in. His bike is awesome and pretty to look at- just like him!

And now it’s Valentine’s Day, which I’ve always have a soft spot for, even when single. And now I have the best boyfriend so it’s super awesome!

*This post was written under the influence of two glasses of wine. As if you couldn’t tell. I did try to correct all the typos though- there were lots!*

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