I’d rather be skiing!

But I’m being responsible instead. Lame! My inservice test is next Saturday and since it encompasses all of ENT, I really can’t study enough. I also need to ace it so that’s a little added pressure! My first year I did AMAZINGLY and last year I did HORRIBLY (really, the emphasis is needed for both) so I need to prove that I am amazingly amazing, not amazingly stupid.

Mechen is gone for the week so that helps me focus a little bit more on studying. He’s really supportive and doesn’t mind letting me be distraction-free while he’s here but still, I make myself distracted thinking of him being so close (and I hope that feeling never changes!).

Last weekend was a lot of fun. Friday night, we met up with some of my work peeps for drinks at Martini’s Over 4th. It was a lot of fun and both of us had a good time although there was a LOT of shop talk. We left to go get a healthy dinner and ended up at Blue Water Grill on India St. The fish was delicious and fresh, but not cheap. The restaurant is more of a self-serve type where we stood in line, ordered and sat on outdoor-style furniture. That can be totally fine, but considering it was dinner and we were paying restaurant prices, I think I’d rather go to a more sit-down, atmospheric location. So, I won’t be rushing back although it certainly wasn’t bad by any stretch.

Saturday, we went downtown and I went to Bar Method and Mechen golfed. We hung out around the house in the afternoon and had a really mellow day. I got some study time in which was needed.

Sunday, we biked to Del Mar (11 miles total) and then I went up to San Clemente for Brooke’s Dirty 30. The house was amazing, right on the beach and water. New addition to my life list- own a house like that!

Standing on the back deck, Catalina Island in the distance

Monday was a holiday for President’s Day. I dropped Mechen off at the airport and then studied all day. Today we have off due to huge base drills going on so instead of skiing with Brooke and Brady, I’m back in Cardiff after a SHITTY night of call so I can study the day away.

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