3-4-5 keep the diaphragm alive!

Just breathe! Not that things have been overly stressful lately but my schedule’s been pretty packed and there have been a few late nights at work.
To catch up…
Right after Wicked Spoon.  This is posed, but still!

Vegas was so much fun but my friend Brooke was right, two days is enough! We stuffed ourselves almost to the point of being ill at Wicked Spoon. The food was delicious and we were starving since it was two and we hadn’t eaten apart from a split breakfast pastry. We had also worked out. So when we sat down to eat, we WAY overshot our stomachs’ comfort zones. Holy hell, I felt so full.

O was amazing. I loved the show and the athleticism and amazing ability of the performers was unreal. There was an amazing solo trapeze artist. There was an awesome scene with three back-and-forth swings that performers kept launching off of into the pool. The high divers took my breath away since I would be SO SCARED to ever dive off of a 10m platform. Fun fact: I didn’t pass the “advanced beginner” swim class for months because I was so scared to dive from a standing position. From the pool edge! Scaredy cat younger me!

Outside the Bellagio

There was another neat scene where this ship in the air was like a big back-and-forth swing and there were several trapeze artists on it. I really loved the show and I am definitely a seat snob now. Even though good seats cost money, they are worth it! Mom and Dad got the tickets for Brady and I as combo birthday gifts which was really sweet of them (and generous!). We called them the next day and really, who calls her parents from Vegas?  This girl!
Everything was decorated for Chinese New Year, especially this flower child we named Mr. Bedonk-a-donk!
See!  Total Bedonk!

That night, we went to Marque night club then played 25 cent roulette until 0630. Hello, problem alert! We lost a fair bit of money on the $5 real table so we were nursing our wounds on the 25 cent from then on out. On those machines by the end of the vacation, we broke exactly even. Le sigh. Gambling is not for me!

We are in Paris now!
We are le cranky and le tired!  But still in Vegas, so rally!

 That day, we were both a teeny bit cranky from lack of sleep. We went to Mon Ami Gabi for breakfast, walked around the Bellagio, hung out at the pool and went to the Cosmopolitan one last time. We took our flight home and I was le pooped! Overall, really fun but a place that I only need in small doses.

That next week, took two pilates classes and had a Super Bowl party. I made healthy potato skins, baked chicken wings, oven fried carnitas and delicious Guinness cupcakes with Bailey’s frosting. Oh, yum! And the game was great. Several of my friends came over. That whole weekend, I wasn’t called in once- hooray!

This past week was another busy one but lots of great laser cases in the OR. I’ll have a total of 3 SPX classes this week (the third is tomorrow) and one 6 mile run (today). I need to get Barry’s back into my schedule. I have excuses but I need to make it work!
Tomorrow, Mechen and I are taking a San Diego stay-cation. We’re going to the Pearl hotel for the night and I cannot wait. Mechen and I have not spent enough time together recently and I need some quality time with my guy! Granted, he’s been on a business trip this week so there’s a reason but still…I’m excited for our getaway!

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