Week 7 recap

Hmmm, at some point, my erratic blogging scheduled caused me to drop a week in my weekly recaps. All the information has been included thus far. I do tend to lose steam with ideas and themes but I do want to continue this format so…

Mechen and I had a great time at the Pearl. The room was nice- clean and pretty budget, but it definitely makes the retro theme work. We went to Jimmy’s All American Bar and Grill for some late afternoon day drinking followed by dinner at the Pearl. Our food and drinks were pretty good. The next morning, we went to the Mission for brunch which was delicious! I definitely missed that place. They have some great Cali-Mex breakfasts. Mechen got Los Locos which included egg, beans, potatoes, cheese, sour cream, avocado and flour tortillas. It was DELICIOUS! I had strawberry-banana pancakes. We traded our plates back and forth but next time at the Mission, I may forgo the sweet part of our usual sweet-savory brunch pairing.
This past week was pretty great in the OR. I really have been feeling pretty good with my skills and even better, I feel like I’m always picking up a few tips and tricks. This past Friday, I got to repair an orbital floor fracture with a KLS resorbable plate and it was AWESOME! I did the whole approach and plate placement myself!
Last night, Mechen, Brady and I went out to Leroy’s Kitchen and Bar. Or as Mechen calls it, “Le Roy’s.” The food was pretty good. Delicious clams and a beat salad were the definite highlights. The grilled cheese and tomato bisque dish was good but SO TINY! Mechen called it a sandwich for elves. It was a little frustrating. But very good. Mechen had an artisan sausage he liked and Brady had a pretty good mac ‘n’ cheese. All of the dishes were tasty, but we all definitely had our preferences although I think the clams were #1 for all.
Today is SUCH a lazy Sunday. I went into round this morning and have been quite bummish today. Mechen and I are house-sitting in Coronado and we’re going for a bike ride later.

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