Week 8 round-up!

This week, I slept in three different beds in three different places! Although I am trying to impart a degree of scandal and intrigue to my blog (perhaps in an attempt to seem more Downton Abbey-ish?), it is much more boring than that.

So, this week. T-1 week until the inservice that I feel woefully underprepared for. Le sigh. It’s hard to motivate when I did so well last year but I keep trying to remind myself that the reason I did well because I studied all the FREAKING TIME in February. Oh, well, no time like the present to make up for it. Apart from posting this update, going to Pilates and maybe…watching the Oscars red carpet?
I also house-sat at Suzi’s place in Coronado. It was great to have such a short commute. I didn’t bike around as much as I wanted but we walked around “downtown” on Orange St near the Del. Leroy’s Lounge (or Le Roy’s, according to Mechen), has great food and drink although I’m really averse to the name Leroy for some reason.
Brooke’s 31st birthday was on Thursday and we had a pre-party in a Hard Rock Hotel suite followed by Cafe Sevilla’s salsa lesson/dance Thursday. It was really a LOT of fun. I fell off my healthy eating/diet bandwagon hard thanks to Sprinkles cupcakes but I got right back on the next day. I really need to figure out a way to manage nights out better!
Ok, off to read one more Oto review article before going to Pilates.

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