Awesome workout!

I just had a great SPX workout with Dean! It was so challenging and I felt awesome during (mostly) and after. The best part, though, was the mimosas afterwards! The studio does this once a month (apparently? News to me!) and it was SO NICE to talk to people afterwards. It was really mellow and I enjoyed the conversation so much! Both classes that I take regularly are quite tough and people don’t interact during the class b/c it’s pretty self-driven and consuming.

I do wish that it was easier to make friends as adults. As cool as the people were, I still don’t know any of their names. I was talking to Mechen about this and for me, it seems that this occurs because our lives are already so packed that to make room for more is difficult, especially when I feel I already shortchange existing friendships due to work constraints, etc.
Well, there’s always next month!

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