Product Placement!

Oh my gosh! I found a new love! Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter. I bought two today in Plum and Candy Apple!

I was at the Exchange today and have been on the lookout. Embarrassingly, it was the ad that really caught my attention because Emma Stone is the face of the campaign and I really like her look plus our coloring is similar so I feel like I can gauge which colors may work.
The two colors I’ve bought both look really good. The feel is sort of like a buttery chapstick and not sticky at all. It feels like it would rub off quickly which makes me lick my lips and accelerate the process. The plum is more appropriate for work and the candy apple for outside due to its more pronounced color. Nothing is as ridiculously thick as my MAC matte red, but I feel like the lip butter is a good compromise as a day red as opposed to a slightly overdramatic, nighttime color.
I’ve tried several types of lip color- Burt’s Bees, CoverGirl lipslicks, Nars lipgloss and this by far is my favorite. I like the feel, slightly heavier color and the price!

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