Week 9 & 10

So, last weekend was the inservice. I’m so glad that’s over! What was weird, though, is that I was so stressed out this past week. It’s like I couldn’t let it go. I’m gradually moving on because there’s nothing I can do and I can’t worry about it until May. I just HATE that test. It means nothing yet so much weight is put on the scores. Hopefully, I did well enough and can just move on. I think I answered enough questions correctly since I talked to other people informally afterwards.

The next day, Mechen and I were going to bike to Carlsbad. Then it got downgraded to Solana Beach. Then I got a text from Brooke at Wine Steals so our epic bike ride was downgraded to two blocks. It was so much fun to go to Wine Steals though! Their deck is huge and beautiful. The day was gorgeous and we had a great flight- 6 generous pours for $10! Wheee! Then we went to Union followed by Blue Ribbon Pizzeria for Brady and I.
Speaking of “Wheee!” Brady and I decided that “‘Wheees’ are better than ‘Auuughss’!” on our car ride to Big Bear. Yes, after this past week which had a few long days, we headed up to Big Bear for a Saturday of skiing. It was such a fun Spring Ski day! We spent the night on Friday and had a great time Saturday. It was definitely nice to divide the drive between two days as well.
The slope conditions were pretty nice, all things considered. No bare patches and the hard granular at the beginning of the day is definitely what I’m used to. It got pretty soft and sticky with the warmer afternoon, but at least it didn’t ice up again later.
We also had a great lunch break with DELICIOUS Bloody Marys. I was surprised but they make a mean Bloody there- Worcestershire, horseradish, olives, clam juice, mini-peppers, vodka and Ocean Spray Bloody Mary mix. They were awesome!

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