Weeks 11 & 12

Whew! I have been loving life recently and not blogging at all! I’m glad I have my calendar to remind me of everything. It’s not that I forget things, but I do forget the order in which they happened.

St. Patrick’s Day weekend was a little bit of a bust since I couldn’t take advantage of SPD being on a Saturday because I was on call. While this sounds unhealthy to acknowledge that I otherwise would have stuffed myself full of Shepards’ Pie and drank my face off, I cannot tell a lie. But I did go to a “Lassie’s St. Patrick’s Day” party which was a lot of fun. I went with a former resident to a VA CRNA’s house and it was a really nice group of people. There was good food, fun people and Michelle and I made up a sweet limerick that won second place (aka, nothing!). That Sunday, Mechen and I went to Blue Ribbon. *Swoon* I will really miss that place when we move. [No move is pending, just residency ending in 15 months, notthatImcounting.]

The next weekend was similarly mellow since I was on call again, but Brady did have a nice farewell lasagna dinner here at the house. A lot of our mutual friends and her book club friends came and it was so much fun. Housekeeping tip of the day: it helps to have regular brunch and dinner parties since it keeps me on my toes to keep the house clean. Not that it would fall into the depths of filth, but still. Company can be a powerful motivator for clean!

That Monday, we went to the Hunger Games. Awesome! The next day, Brady left. Not awesome! But I am so happy for her that I can’t be TOO sad even though I really miss her. It was so much fun to have her here.

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