And the weeks go by…

Well, 14 weeks was a good run of keeping track of things.  But alas, it’s lapsed quite a bit and I’m not even sure I can recreate some weeks/weekends with a ton of accuracy.  But to sum up April, it was spent winding up Blue Team and waiting for research in May.  In addition, Cat and I had our joint birthday parties on the 21st, which was really fun.  We started at Mission Brewery followed by two hours of bowling at East Village Tavern and Bowl.  Finally, we ended at BASIC for pizza and all in all, had a really fun time.  The group was super big so I didn’t hang out with everyone like I wanted to but it was a great party
The next weekend, I went to Amy’s bachelorette party at Lips.  It was a drag queen Gospel brunch.  I had higher expectations for the actual show (everything was lip-synched!  Boo!) but it was still fun.  The girls I was with are awesome and there were definitely a few ridiculous moments.  I still want to vomit when I think of what an old guy behind me did, but then again, maybe I shouldn’t be so ageist!

Mechen and I went on vacation starting May 3 and had the best time in New Orleans for JazzFest and then on a road trip to visit his Gran(ma).  We also stopped in Nashville coming and going and we really want to go back again.  But more to come…

My flight out to the Mercy is 5/22.  I have a lot to do before then but I’m super-excited.  I may even go on a MEDCAP to an Indonesian village for a few days!

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