Family Reunion

 I came home on the 4th of July and Mechen picked me up from the airport.  We went home only to leave the very next day for the Tierney family reunion.  We spent 5-8 July in NJ.  On the 5th, we met up with the family for dinner at Navesink.  The next day, Mechen, Brady, Dad and I went into NYC.  We went to Ground Zero, a sushi restaurant and the Met.  Ground Zero is hard to write about- even on the grounds, it’s difficult to figure out what to say or even what to talk about.  I’m so glad I went but even still, everything I even want to try and say sounds so banal.
At the Met, we mainly focused on the Egyptian wing and the late 18th century painters.  We saw the Temple of Dendur, which was pretty amazing.  It’s a gift to the people of the U.S. and the government decided that the Met was the best place to display the permanent exhibition.  I also recognized it from one of the last scenes in When Harry Met Sally.  The Met guide was funny because there’s a portrait of George Washington, in which he looks like he just smelled a particularly ripe fart.  Brady and I laughed about it a lot.
That evening, we went to the Brothers for dinner and met up with the extended family.  The next day was a beach day followed by a lobster dinner.  Mechen helped my parents set up earlier in the day which was much appreciated/major brownie points.  The next day was a slow start and we had breakfast with the immediate fam (save Joe) and then headed to the airport.  It was a great mini-trip.  I was really happy to get back and make preparations for the beginning of chief year.

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