Summer recap

July and early August has been a lot of fun.  It’s been an adjustment to be on call so frequently.  Not that I’m in the hospital all that much, but I always have to plan for the possible interruption.  In addition, I wish my weekends were a little freer but oh well, it’s what chief year calls for and I’m definitely excited to be a chief.
So far, my cases have been awesome.  I feel like my skills are pretty sharp and I’m honing the finer details.  Even otology cases are going fairly smoothly although I still have a lot work to do.  In addition, I’d like to polish my plastic surgery skills.
In terms of events, “Zedna” had a Bastille Day party that was a lot of fun.  There were some great couples there and it’s so nice to meet new couples and talk to them.  It’s weird- I feel like a lot of childless couples I meet have eclectic interests and topics of conversation which couples with children talk about…their children.  I’m sure that will happen to me if I eventually have kids.  I do agree with one woman that I met though, who said that she wasn’t sure how hard she would try to have kids if trying naturally didn’t work out.  I am leaning more towards that direction- I don’t have a huge interest in fertility drugs, IVF, etc.
I also went to a few concerts in the park in Coronado.  Shelby, Zen and I went to Davanti Enoteca on 8/21 which was delicious!  We had the marscepone polenta and daily ragu, grilled octopus, salad and the ricotta/honeycomb spread.  Delicious!   And Zen and Shelby are so much fun to hang out with.  In addition, I had the recent bonus find of discovering this past weekend that there is a DE in Del Mar Heights!!!  Mechen and I had brunch there and it was SO good!  We split a pork belly hash/poached egg dish and “Italian” Toast.  Yum-o!.  There was also a make-your-own-Bloody-Mary bar which was pretty awesome and reminded me of Cafe A in New Orleans.
Other highlights include surfing a few times, house-sitting at Suzi’s, Laddie coming to visit for the weekend, hanging out with Tawnne (Station, local wine bar) and Cat (Hannah’s Place, yummy bar in Hillcrest), going to Bar Cueva and seeing Step Up Revolution 3D with Tawnne and Colleen (so much fun!).  Afterwards, Tawnne and I went to The Office and danced up a storm!

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