Moving Day!

What better way to celebrate one of the hottest days in San Diego ever than to move!  I am definitely my father’s daughter.  For whatever reason, our leases were always up in August so there were three moves with a UHaul in the Washington, DC area heat.  That was terrible!  Fortunately, I have a lot less crap than a family with four kids so it should be a shorter move.  I’m moving a few pieces of furniture into my new apartment/room and then moving some furniture that I want to keep into storage.

I pause when I consider storage.   Would I actually know if I lost the stuff that’s in there?  In this particular case, it’s warranted because I can store some of my awesome furniture that I got in Japan, my outdoor equipment, my ski stuff and winter gear.  But still, it always seems like an exercise in excess.

Most of the little stuff is moved in to my new place.  Famous last words since crap always accumulates but I think I’m not underestimating too, too badly.

This week was pretty atypical because I was in DC for the AAO-HNS meeting.  I went to a few really good talks and panels, hung out with my brother and saw a co-resident’s talk.  I also made a quick visit to Karen in Pittsburgh before the conference started.  It was awesome!  We went for a great run, had a delicious brunch and had dinner at a church converted (ha, ha) into a brewery.  I loved Church Brew Works!  I had a seasonal beer named “Hooch,” which was delicious.  On the heavier side with a fairly high alcohol content and the most delicious caramelized notes.  Yum, yum.  I also had a sampler of their standard beers, which overall, was pretty good.  The rotating stout had coconut notes in it, which was awesome.  The Celestial Gold and Pipe Organ pale ale were a little light for my craving that night but still worthwhile.  The Pious Monk Dunkel was great, a little dark but refreshing.  Food-wise, we had a pizza which was fine and the daily pierogies.  The pierogies seemed more like goyza dumplings than others I’ve had in the past because they were fried rather than baked but they were still really good.

Outside Church Brew Works

The alter!

I also talked to my specialty leader about possible billets for next year.  While Bremerton is a possibility, he asked me how I felt about Pensacola.  Eh.  I told him it wasn’t way up there.  He’ll take it into consideration.  Pensacola certainly isn’t the worst though.  That would be LeJeune and Okinawa (from my perspective, of course!).

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