My first hash!

Well, the move is almost complete in terms of moving to my apartment.  Now I need to get the rest of the stuff from the house into the storage unit.  There’s more than I thought and I think I’m going to get rid of the full-size bed in order to allow for the kitchen boxes.  I was thinking of getting a bigger unit but I think I’d rather work with the space I have now.  But then again, what if I have a guest bedroom in the future?  Oh, decisions!  Well, I put an ad up on Craigslist and I’ll see if there are any offers.

Apart from the fascinating details of my scintillating move, I had such a fun time over the weekend and Monday night.  On Saturday, I moved in and showed off my place to some of my friends before we went to Imperial House for drinks.  The bar is pretty hilarious.  There’s a keyboard/synthesizer player Rick Lyon who performs in several sets.  I need a picture at some point because currently, words fail me.  But he did sing “Time After Time” in his raspy voice and that was pretty awesome.  Sunday was pretty restful although full of activity.  I rounded, went to church, went to a friend’s pool (I had to jump in and drag a little girl to the side who was starting to get in some serious trouble although she didn’t go under) and went to book club that night.  We read “Cutting for Stone” by Abraham Verghese which was incredible.

Monday, though, was the highlight of my week so far.  I went to my first hash run!  I went with a bunch of the book club girls and it was great.  The people were super rowdy and it reminded me a LOT of rugby.  The run was great with a few beer/water stops and I ran really fast.  I talked with a few people while running and sometimes ran on my own.  The brewery was one I hadn’t heard of and pretty delicious- Hess brewery in Miramar.  There was a Saison beer with figs that was amazing.    Afterwards, there was singing and points of order.  I was introduced twice and the whole group seems pretty awesome.  I’m definitely going back!

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