Another fun week!  Things at work are going swimmingly with a good semi-annual eval on Friday.  Socially, things are still busy and fun.  I’m having such a great time in San Diego- I am SO glad I live down in the city and can see my friends more often.  On Monday, I went out to Alchemy which was terrific.  $1 oysters, Thai-inspired meat wrapped in lettuce cups (chicken or turkey- unsure) and tongue tacos.  It was all delicious and I really like the decor of the restaurant.

Tuesday, I went out to R gang for Jen’s birthday.  It was great b/c it was Happy Hour all night so we all ordered lots of snacks, mostly tater tots.  Jen’s husband had also bought a delicious cake from Extraordinary Desserts which we demolished.  Well, there were leftovers but we made a pretty good dent in it.

Wednesday, Cat and I went out for dinner at Hillcrest Tavern.  We shared some salad, mac ‘n’ cheese and poke.  This was a slightly healthier dinner apart from the Mac.  It’s a good thing I exercise a lot or I would be a fatty-bo-batty with all this dining out!

Thursday, I got my teeth cleaned- yay!  Dental will get off my back!  It was a quick appointment since I take pretty good care of my teeth.  Flossing and Sonicare toothbrush for the world!

Friday, I went out to Alexander’s where I had an amazing seafood risotto.  The scallops in it were cooked perfectly- I wish I could have more right now!

Yesterday, was a RIDICULOUS night since I met up with Jen, Jeremy and Jim.  Despite lacking a  “J” in my name, they let me hang.  We went to Tractor Room, Martinis On Fourth and then went to “walk by” Rich’s, where we stayed until 0230 dancing the night away.  It was so.much.fun.  It was Rufskin night (a local guy’s lingerie-type shop) so there were tons of attractive men dancing around in designer skivvies.  So not only was the dancing fun, the eye-candy topped it off.  It was a great night and I paid for it slightly this morning but nothing brunch at Snooze and a nap couldn’t fix!  I also fixed up my bike today (the first tube change went poorly as my tube was likely pinched as it popped, taking out the tube and the tire).

Finally, I’ve been doing a good job on getting to Barry’s Bootcamp, although I would like to try and get BodyRok in at least twice a week.  I bought the BB academy so I’ve been going four times a week, which feels like a pretty good sweet spot for that workout.  I feel pretty lean and I’m trying to do well with my diet although clearly, it’s not stopping my socializing.

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