Catch Up

I’m going to write a separate Hawaii post but so far, 2013 has been pretty stellar.  NYE was a great success and the Hawaii trip was way too short!

My non-reading book club met on 1/9 at Extraordinary Desserts which has the most amazing cheese bar on Wednesday evenings.  There were two delicious Blues, two sheep milk cheeses, a coconut milk gouda and several others.  My piggalicious plate is shown above.  There may have been two, ha ha!  The women were great to talk to as usual and it was really a lot of fun!

That weekend, I went to a climber’s party.  I’ve been rock-climbing a fair bit and am progressing reasonably well.  I’m pretty competitive and don’t like being less skilled than others but that’s ridiculous since I just started up again after a 13 year hiatus.

The weekend after was Matt and Michelle’s housewarming party where we missed all the food trucks at 57 Degrees because we showed up too late.  I met a really nice MD/PhD student who just finished up her data collection and will be starting her MS3 year next Fall.  Prior to the housewarming party, I went out to dinner with our incoming intern, his girlfriend and SMS.

Edna had brunch at her place that Saturday and her awesome sister Janie was there.  I will really miss all the terrific people I’ve met since I’ve been here.

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