Woe is me!  I went to my storage unit today to grab some Winter clothes and in the process, COMPLETELY smashed my finger between the rolling storage door and a table leg.  It hurt so badly that it didn’t actually hurt the first few minutes.  Fortunately, there were no crunching or cracks so no fracture!  Yay!  That would have really sucked.  I can also move it reasonably well so I think I’ll be ok operating, rock climbing and skiing.

Yes, skiing!  That’s why I was at my unit.  I’m off to Breckenridge for the holiday weekend with Jenny, Brooke and Lauren.  I cannot wait!  I have wanted to ski out West for the longest time and Jenny’s brother’s house is reportedly amazing.  I feel very lucky and fortunate, crippled finger aside!  I also went shopping at REI today and got two tops and a vest so I’m pretty set.  I will definitely have to up my Winter clothes count as I get ready for Japan.  The shopping over there isn’t the greatest due to the tininess of Japanese clothing sizes but it’s ok.  I’ll just go shopping with the obese Japanese women.  (Seriously, when I was there before, there were several people who were way fatter than me but their frames are so teeny tiny that we were the same size.  Just point me to the Japanese mu mu store!).

  There are many blog topics to catch up on- the Hawaii trip and Santa Barbara trip are most prominent.    I also have several exciting mini-trips, graduation plans, rock climbing adventures and weekend events to document.  Phew!  Since we spoke last, I am the proud owner of one (1) Coachella ticket.  Woo hoo!  I’m so excited.  Tawnne and I are going to go.  I have the day off Friday so we’re going to get up there, see all the bands and in general, have the best time!  We’re going to car camp and I can’t wait!  I really like the line-up this year.  Last year, I wasn’t hip enough but this year, there are several bands I’m looking forward to!  Bands I already like include Tegan and Sara, Of Monsters and Men, The Lumineers, Vampire Weekend and Two Door Cinema Club.  There are also some people I really want to see like Stone Roses, Sigur Ros and Blur.

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