Coachella, Day 2

Saturday started off with a pretty early wake-up.  While it wasn’t as hot as my first Coachella, the heat and the light woke us up around 7.  That morning, we hung out and read our Kindles/book, took a brief nap later in the morning and just generally hung out.  Our nearby neighbors were a bunch of Marines from 29 Palms and they were pretty hilarious.  They weren’t obnoxious at all (aka, they were quiet late at night), but they were definitely having a good time.  They were also concerned that we might not be having a good time since we were so mellow so they very nicely came over to share their sweet tea liquor and also asked if we were doing alright.  We assured them that yes, we were having fun so they were relieved. 

Our Neighbors

Our Neighbors on top of their car

  Tawnne and I headed in around 3 and had no problems sneaking in our Everclear to spike our drinks inside because a girl smooth passed out in front of us as we were walking in.  There was much more passing out this year than what I remember last time but she seemed fine and security was distracted.  We saw the entire Dropkick Murphys set and they were so high energy and such amazing musicians that it was an awesome start to the day.  We stayed around and watched the Violent Femmes, who played their whole first album.  They sounded great but looked like Jimmy Buffett with aloha shirts and the suggestion of manboobs so it was sort of depressing that yes, high school was a long time ago for the two of us!
Violent Femmes
  We saw a little bit of 2 Chainz who was totally tearing it up on the Mojave stage.  He was awesome and I definitely want to listen to more of his stuff.  Then we had a break until the Postal Service.  Afterwards, we saw Franz Ferdinand, which was definitely a highlight.  It was hard b/c The XX and Two Door Cinema Club were playing but we stayed for the entire FF set and it was totally worth it.  We then saw the tail end of Janelle Monae, who was INCREDIBLE.  She had the most energy of anyone I saw that weekend and she did a great cover of “I want you back.”  After her set, Tawnne headed back and I stuck around for a little bit of Phoenix and Sigur Ros.  They were both good and cool points if I had stayed but I was so tired I just decided to head back to the tent.  I stopped in the shower trailer on the way and then went to bed.


Dropkick Murphys

The Boys Are Back 
Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya 
Prisoner’s Song 
Out On The Town 
Citizen C.I.A. 
Jimmy Collins’ Wake 
Rose Tattoo 
Out of Our Heads 
The Irish Rover 
(with James Fearnley)
I’m Shipping Up to Boston 
T.N.T. (AC/DC cover)

Franz Ferdinand

No You Girls 
The Dark of the Matinée 
Evil Eye 
Do You Want To 
The Blackpool Illuminati 
Walk Away 
Right Thoughts! Right Words! Right Action! 
Take Me Out 
Can’t Stop Feeling 
Outsiders (with Drum Jam outro)

Janelle Monae

Suite II Overture 
Dance or Die 
Locked Inside 
Sincerely, Jane. 
I Want You Back 
(The Jackson 5 cover)
Cold War 

Two Door Cinema Club

Sleep Alone 
Undercover Martyn 
Do You Want It All? 
This Is the Life 
Wake Up 
I Can Talk 
Next Year 
Something Good Can Work 
Eat That Up, It’s Good for You 
What You Know

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