Coachella, Day 3

 Day 3 was a little sad because we knew that there would be a lot of awesome bands we would miss since we had to get back.  That’s sort of the nature of Coachella though since neither one of us had Monday off plus we were starting to lose energy.  Bands we missed that I wanted to see included Rodriguez, Wu-Tang, Vampire Weekend and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  
Coachella Fashion!  This conversation started when
the guy in the pink spandex complimented the girl on
HER spandex.  The dude in the short shorts tried to
 get in on the fashion game too.

  BUT, we did see some great shows.  After realizing that we had totally, 100% drained Jenny’s battery, we tried to jump from a neighbor’s car which didn’t work.  After we saw the sets we wanted, we called the tow truck who had to call into dispatch to figure out how to jump a hybrid.  The complicating bit was that we had drained the battery so completely, that the security system also had to be reset.  I felt like we got our $40 worth but whatever company was staffing the lots were making a KILLING.

  So what sets did we see?  The Airborne Toxic Event who were surprisingly good.  Surprising in the sense that I had heard the group name but never any of their songs and it was awesome.  The Gaslight Anthem was also quite good but the high point and where we called it good was seeing the Lumineers. They are so good live and I had really wanted to see them so I left Coachella pretty happy with all the bands I had managed to see.  Of course there were conflicts on the schedule but overall, it was another great experience.

The drive home was uneventful once the battery was charged and we were on our way. 


The Airborne Toxic Event

All At Once 
All I Ever Wanted 
Does This Mean You’re Moving On? 
Wishing Well 
Sometime Around Midnight 
(with I Fought the Law cover/medley)

The Gaslight Anthem

The ’59 Sound 
Biloxi Parish 
Old Haunts 
Old White Lincoln 
Mulholland Drive 
Too Much Blood 
American Slang 
The Queen of Lower Chelsea 
Here Comes My Man 
Great Expectations 

The Lumineers

I Ain’t Nobody’s Problem 
Classy Girls 
Ho Hey 
Flowers In Your Hair 
Dead Sea 
Falling In Love 
Charlie Boy 
Stubborn Love 
Big Parade 
Flapper Girl 

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