Wedding Week

I took off the week before our wedding and it was wonderful.  While it meant I couldn’t take the week after off and go on a “proper” honeymoon, it was so nice hang out and not have to work.  With the exception of the three times I went in for a few hours at a time; that definitely was a lesson that if you really want a vacation, stay-cations don’t cut it!

But after our lovely Newport weekend, SMS and I were in town Monday.  I went into clinic that a.m. and then relaxed in the afternoon.

Tuesday was a highlight because Brady came into town!  Hooray!  We hung out with our no-book book club friends on the rooftop of my apartment.  They’re a great group of women and it was a lot of fun to catch up, especially since they hadn’t seen Brady in months.

On Wednesday, we had sister day!  We did a few errands in the morning and went to Kitchen 4041 with SMS for lunch so he could meet Brady.  Lunch was delicious- I think Brady’s steak sandwich won for most incredible meal but I had an excellent fish dish and SMS had the short rib ragu on gnocchi.  But Brady’s sandwich was borderline sublime.  After lunch, we went out to Del Mar for sister spa day.  It was a great spa in Del Mar that I had gotten a Groupon to use.  We had facials and massages and both were incredible.   The women who worked there had skills and the setting was awesome!

Afterwards, I thought about it for a fraction of a second and decided to skip out on Japanese.  Brady and I went to Blue Ribbon Pizzeria in Encinitas and had delicious pizza and tuna crudo.  We got the Signature, which is my all-time favorite.  Ricotta, lemon zest, basil, mozzarella…amazing!

Thursday, things got a little busier.  There was a graduation ceremony in the morning that I had to go to- boo!  Ed and Meg came in and the four of us grilled on the apartment rooftop.  The view totally amazed Ed and Meg and it was fun to hang out.  Then we went downtown and met up with Joe and Nicole.  It was really great to get together with the four siblings.  Mom and Dad came in late that night but decided to go to bed and meet up with us the next day.

Friday, wedding-eve!  Mom and Dad had some appointments at Balboa, we all met for lunch, the rehearsal was at the Ultimate Skybox and the Hail and Farewell took place.  I didn’t get too badly roasted during the video and it was fun to bring my whole family.  Grandpa and Dusty also joined up for the Hail and Farewell and it was really a great time.

Next up…Wedding!

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