Fun weekend!

Last weekend was awesome!  SMS and I had a date night Friday.  We went to Tofu House for Korean hot pots, which I love!  I love how the rice gets crispy on outside as it continues to cook in the near-molton stone pots.  After eating too much, we went climbing at Mira Mesa, which went pretty well although I am out of practice.

We joined the gym for the climbing and yoga, especially since I’ll have a lot more free time in July.  It was a pretty good deal and I’m excited to get back my climbing skills although I’m not sure how I’ll maintain them once I’m in Japan.

On Saturday, I went into round and discharge some patients.  Then we went to Pilates together.  We stayed at my old place and headed down to Little Italy.  Core40 just opened a new studio and it’s pretty nice.  Very loft/industrial feel which is cool for a workout studio.  SMS totally hung with the workout and did great.

Afterwards, we went to the Little Italy Farmer’s Market and ordered a delicious breakfast crepe.  It was going to take 20 minutes so we went to Cafe Zucharo and ate some cookies.  We also walked around and soaked in the atmosphere.  There were lots of great stands and a very animated electronic accordion player.  (The player was human, the accordion was electronic.)

Then, we went to Eric and Angela’s house for a cook-out.  We didn’t bring our suits and I so wish we did because the pool was so inviting.  We couldn’t stay as long as we wanted because we committed to going to a WWF talk on tigers, which was so cool!  Dr. Eric Dinerstein was a great speaker- clear thinking, funny and very informative.  Next, we went to Extraordinary Desserts, stood in an extraordinary line and split a piece of cake.

On Sunday, I had an OR Case for a 7 y/o with occular muscle entrapment after an orbital floor trapdoor fracture.  Prior to the case starting, SMS and I had brunch at Snooze.  I had Eggs Benedict and we split a blueberry pancake.  Delicious!  After the case, we went climbing at Mission Gorge.  There, we ran into Kate and Ian, accompanied by Kate’s Mom who is in town.  We had pizza at Stacy and Michael’s for dinner.  That was a lot of fun to hang out.  We finished the night by moving furniture out of the old apartment, so a pretty busy weekend but lots of fun and QT with SMS.  I love it!

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