Oh happy day!

Lots of sunshine and look what I got!!!!!!

Flowers!  Although, yes, I agree, my double screens are PRET-ty awesome!

SMS is the best!  I’m so happy and it was so cute of him to do!  I’m so ridiculously smile-y right now, it’s borderline nauseating.

So, I placed out of the Wednesday and Thursday orientation classes because I’m so culturally sensitive. Or maybe it’s just because I was stationed here within the last 5 years.  Today, people were talking about the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of living in Japan.  I wanted to stand up and say, “Lies!  You think so until they tell you to move back!”  But really, I’m not that bitter.  I am excited to be here and I’m meeting a lot of cool people that I’m secretly hoping will be awesome couple friends.  Of course, SMS has to be out here in order to be official couple friends, but I’ll just stockpile them away and then come May 2014, be in couple friend heaven!
So, I’ll go to work, study, see a little bit of clinic and then go to Driver’s Education on Friday.  I’m still studying/cramming for the boards.  One more week and then it’s over, for better or worse.  The next week, I’ll be heading to Sasebo and Iwakuni, which I’m pretty excited about.  I’m staying until Saturday so my corpsman and I are going to take the opportunity to sightsee in Hiroshima a little bit and eat okonomayaki!!!

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