Driver’s Ed

So, I’m on lunch break during the seemingly interminable orientation week. But at least I’m getting paid to listen to all the Powerpoint presentations! After lunch, I get to take my written driver’s test. I thought I was 16 again but then I remembered I had to take a written test when I got my California license so I guess I still feel my age. This morning was the second-weirdest Navy brief I’ve ever sat through. Lots of driver safety slides interspersed with simulated (I think) clips of pedestrians getting hit by cars. In case you’re wondering, the weirdest brief I ever sat through was a ship electrical safety brief that ended with a real video of a guy getting electrocuted on a train’s overhead wire. That was weird.

I can’t wait for the concert!!! (

On one of the breaks today, I went over to the ITT office to inquire about purchasing tickets to The Killers concert in Tokyo. I had tried to do it on my own, but Google translate was only taking me so far. The woman was super helpful and I am now the proud owner of a voucher to take to 7-11 so I can purchase and get my ticket anytime before the 15th. I’m so excited. I love that band!

¬†In case you were wondering, I’m still stressed about the boards. Whah, whah. But in continuing education news, I’m going to try and use tuition assistance to fund a biostatistics certificate through UCSD. I think it should work although I have to move quickly since the online course starts 23 Sept. Taking the course will be useful since there’s such an emphasis on evidence-based medicine.

In other exciting news in my life, I’ve started putting my Magic Bullet to work making delicious blueberry, pineapple, spinach, almond milk and vanilla protein smoothies. If my Mom is reading this, I can pretty much guarantee that she just threw up in her mouth a little bit. I also am using it to grind Love Potion coffee beans that SMS sent me from Cafe Calabria, my favorite coffee roaster/shop in San Diego. Bonus on the coffee front: I bought a single serve coffee machine yesterday and it was $8 down from $20. Why? I have no idea but gift horse, I don’t need to look in your mouth! I’m trying to cut back on buying outside coffee. It’s expensive! Over $3 for a Starbucks and $2.25 at work. That seems crazy to me, although I remember in Denmark it was $8/cup.

¬†Finally, weird jet lag symptoms are back. My body loves the 4 a.m. wake-up right now. But again, maybe it’s stress insomnia. If it continues after 20 Sept, I’ll be mad!

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