Furniture shopping in Yokohama

SMS and I had our first successful road trip!  We went up to Yokohama to go furniture shopping! We headed out with a destination in mind- IDC in the Minatomirai LEAF building.  There are six floors of furniture and we were looking for a dining room table.  Well, maybe not that fancy but we needed a table for our main room and I waited for him to get here before picking one out.

We ended up with a really nice, fairly inexpensive table.  While I would love a reclaimed wood table in the future, we were shopping for our Japanese apartment which is on the small side.  We figured that our next places would likely be bigger so we’ll buy a more permanent piece of furniture at that point.

The table is being delivered today, which is awesome since it would be nice to sit down and eat all the fantastic meals SMS is preparing!  Last night was an awesome dinner of mackerel, rice, cauliflower, salad and miso soup.  Yum!

After IDC, I was sort of worn out but revived with curry and a shu-cream puff, a pastry that SMS has been borderline obsessed with finding.  It was found and delicious!  After some needed calories, we headed to IKEA to get a dresser for SMS.  It wasn’t as much of a sensory overload as when I went back in 2007, but we were more directed this time.  Therefore, the melange of Japanese, English and Swedish words did not overwhelm me as much!

So, driving went fairly smoothly apart from when the phone was dying and I had a severe mistrust of both iMaps and SMS as a navigator.  But I did the equivalent of a trust fall and once again, SMS was an excellent navigator!

This week was a pretty good one.  We went out with Aaron to the Family Garden sushi restaurant, which is a step up from the 100Y sushi place we had gone to earlier in the week.  I like both of them though!  We went out to a delicious ramen restaurant in Yokosuka.  We also met up for lunch twice at the SRF cafeteria on base.  I love their udon!

Finally, I heard on Wednesday that I got accepted by the Navy to pursue a spot in the civilian neurotology match.  It’s crazy competitive to get a neuroto spot so I’m going to have to put a fair bit of money, time and studying in to the application process but I’m really excited for the next step of my career!

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