Rock Climbing at Takatori-yama (Hawk Peak)

Sandstone buddha 10 minutes from the wall

Yesterday, SMS and I went rock-climbing.  He had signed up for a beginner trip to a local rock climbing spot near Ikego.  SMS is definitely not a beginner but he thought it would be a nice way to meet some local climbers.

Trees, not in the best lighting but you get the idea.
There were trees.

It was a gorgeous day and a beautiful spot.  I met up with them shortly after lunch.  I had spent the morning waiting for our new dining room table.  Our new table is from IDC and looks great.  It matches our step-tonsen and is the perfect size for the room.  Both of us really like it!

I also started A Prayer for Owen Meany, which has already sucked me in. It’s set in a small town and centers a lot on faith- the meaning of faith, religion, belief.  It is totally up my alley.  I’ve been wanting to read a John Irving novel for awhile.  My main, mostly subconscious, reason for not reading one is the unfortunate name similarity to John Grishim.  Anyway, I’ll let you know how I like it.


Rock-climbing was fun even though I’m pretty rusty and not as strong as a few months ago.  SMS looked great and may go climbing with the guide at some point.  We’re also going out to a Southern spot on Tuesday.  SMS and a guy from my work are climbing.  I think I’ll go hiking.  The weather is supposed to be similarly perfect and it is so gorgeous here!

The climbing spot was further back then where I had gone on my first hike.  The reason why I had stopped on my first hike was one, I hadn’t meant to be out so long (I had already run about three miles) and two, I saw an expressway and thought that the expressway must divide the hill and prevent a hiking trail from crossing.  Well, I think the expressway must go through a tunnel because there was no problem.  I parked near the school, passed the old people’s home and then turned right at the three way crossing over the stone bridge.  Then I walked up the stone steps to the temple, crossed the grounds and then took the stone stairs to the left.  I passed an arrowhead-like monument on my right and kept walking.  The trail flattened out here and I kept going.  About 15 minutes after the temple, I came around the curve to the open space where the rock was.  Part of the trail is a little narrow and there are ropes and chains to use, although they’re not completely necessary.  The funny thing is there is a parking-lot type open area with tables right on the other side of the rock.  There are two vending machines too.  There are bathrooms at the open area and at the temple, although there’s not much privacy for the guys at the temple restroom since SMS said the urinal is basically at the door.

Sunset at Zushi beach

 After climbing, SMS and I split from the group and headed to Zushi beach.  I had heard there was a Neapolitan pizza place between Zushi and Enoshima.  Well, we found one right on Zushi beach so that’s where we went.  We were hungry!

  We split a small Caesar salad, which made two nice appetizer portions.  Then we split a half/half pizza of Margherita/Sardine pizza (I wanted quattro formaggi, whah!  I pointed to the wrong thing!) and a delicious pizza with crab, hard-boiled egg and garlic. I usually look for the Japanese mixture pizzas since they’re always so good, or at the very least, an adventure!

Then we went home and I continued my book.  It was an awesome day!

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