Yokosuka Museum of Art

I was feeling pretty lazy on Saturday but since weekend time is field trip time, SMS and I headed down the road to the Yokosuka Museum of Art.
It is a beautiful building.  It is very bright and white with high ceilings and cut out windows.  It reminded me of the La Jolla Contemporary Art Museum but with even cooler architecture.  There were several exhibition halls filled with kids’ art and a special exhibit featuring Japanese artists from the 1900s.  It was a great find on SMS’ part and we had a really nice time.  
The museum costs Y300 for adults and is free for children.  The parking is free for the first hour and then Y300/hr after that.  It’s next to Kannonzaki Park and I’d really like to go back at some point to explore the trails around there.  
After we looked around the museum, we headed down to the waterfront right in front of Spasso.  It was a beautiful, cold day.  At some point, I’d like to go to Spasso but we had a date for the Thrash Zone!

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