Thrash Zone!

Last night, we went out with Doug, Rose and Aaron for a night out in Yokohama.  Our destination?  THRASH ZONE, a place with “Extreme Beer Only” and heavy metal on the sound system, although at a very low volume.

We arrived at Yokohama and after a few false starts, found ourselves walking towards the Thrash Zone.  We arrived and it was pretty empty.  Some-one (Doug) was all set to start drinking but the rest of us begged off and we decided to leave and get some dinner first.  We didn’t buy Doug’s argument that the French Fries would suffice.

We walked past a small noodle shop where Doug and Rose had been before, but it was a little too crowded.  SMS led us to a cool izakaya that he had seen.  We were loitering around the entrance while we were trying to peer inside to see if it would work when all of a sudden, the door flung open and this young waiter said, “Come in!”

Yokohama Merchant Shop…thanks to SMS for figuring out the Kanji!

It was awesome!  We were able to go upstairs to the “sitting section” and we ordered lots of yakatori.  SMS ordered his signature ginnan (gingko nut), which wasn’t even on the menu but everyone loved them.  We even ordered a second round!  Aaron tried to order two beers but instead, a full round came out so we all took one.  When in an izakaya…

After a delicious meal of yakitori, tofu and edamame, we went back to the Thrash Zone.  Never fear, we still had the French Fries and they were delicious.  The one bartender/brewer/owner did double-duty filling beers and making fries one batch at a time.

Rose, SMS and I weren’t too into the hoppy beers, so we stuck with the Nagahama and two of the stouts.  We had a really nice time hanging out at the bar.  We headed out after a couple of hours since Rose and Doug had to get back to the sitter.  We could have stayed longer, but we were all pretty tapped out (I am so funny!).  

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