Week Recap

SMS and I had a really nice week. On Tuesday, we headed out to Zushi to get ramen at the best smelling ramen shop ever.  Oh, I’m sorry, best smelling any other night of the week since it was CLOSED on Tuesday.   Whah whah.  We spent a few minutes wandering through Zushi, which had all of a sudden seemed to turn into a culinary ghost town.   Would we ever eat, our poor stomachs cried.  Non-melodramatic answer: yes.  We went into another ramen shop near the JR station and ordered two karai miso ramens and an order of gyoza.  It was an acceptable substitute and I was happy that I had rallied to go out since when I first got home, I was feeling le pooped.
On Thursday, we had our last Japanese lesson together for the month.  SMS had gone bouldering and hiked from Takitori-yama to Oppama, which impressed Mayumi-san and I quite a bit.  My Japanese is slowly improving and I’m pretty happy.  I’m going to keep studying while my oral board prep gathers steam.  At least that’s the plan for now.
Friday, we had a pretty early dinner and then went to American Hustle.  It was pretty good.  I found it a little hard to follow here and there, but would catch up quickly.   The acting was excellent and it was definitely different to see a fat Christian Bale.  I am really not a big Bradley Cooper fan but his character was so weird and borderline psycho that I begrudgingly admit that he has good acting chops.  Amy Adams is always a fave of mine and Jennifer Lawrence did a wonderful job with her unhinged character.  

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