Yay, my brother and his girlfriend are here!  I’m so excited to have visitors even though I was shocked when I came home for lunch and they were already gone!  Whah!  My house must stink!

JK, I knew they were leaving for Kyoto today but I’m very impressed they made it out the door before noon the day after a huge amount of travel.  We’re going to hang out this weekend in Tokyo and we’re going skiing next week.  Awesome!  I can’t wait.

I picked them up in Yokohama last night and we went to a sushi go-round, which was one of the things they definitely wanted to do in Japan.  It’s a Y100 sushi place but it’s pretty good and we had a lot of delicious food and caught up.  Both of them are so funny and tell great stories so we have lots more to talk about when I see them again, especially since they’ll have their Kyoto tales by that point.  They’re also going to Osaka and Kanazawa.

He told me about the Ninjadera temple in Kanazawa that I really want to go to!  It has a lot of awesome defenses built into it and it sounds so cool.  I think SMS would really like it based on what Ed said.

Work is going well.  I operated two days in a row so I am really happy.  Clinic is a little boring today and I came home for a long lunch before two ear cleaning appointments.  Awesome.  Definitely the highlight of the week.

I have a Japanese lesson tomorrow and I’m going to study a lot of ENT so that I can basically take Monday and Tuesday off.  I’ll bring my iPad so I can study from GoodReader but I don’t think it’ll be the most productive.  I want to hang out with my guests!

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