Oh the weather outside is frightful…

This wasn’t even the worst of it!

Nice. Humming Christmas songs in February.

But really, the weather is terrible!  It’s been gusting and snowing all day.  Apparently, we’ve gotten 4-8 inches depending on one’s location in the greater Yokosuka area.  I have not been outside because I am old, cranky and do not own a sled.  If I owned a sled, I may have headed out but the winds are going at 40 mph so probably not.

Also, this morning?  The temperature inside the house was 7 degrees Celsius.  I’ll translate: 44 degrees Farenheit.  That’s ridiculous.  I kept trying to see my breath fog up but I had no luck.  But I cranked my little kerosene heater up!

Ed and Meg are much braver than I and are out in Tokyo.  They went to Kyoto, Nara and Osaka over the last few days.  Very cool!  We were going to meet in Tokyo but I didn’t want to get stuck up there so I stayed home and studied.  Nerd alert!  I think they’ll make it back tonight but the trains are delayed and probably pretty crowded.

Today I studied, did a yoga video, ate lots of snacks and studied some more.  I also found the video below in someone’s “Link List Friday.”  It’s really sweet and really sad.  I started crying and that takes a lot from a video.  Or maybe I am old, cranky AND a crybaby.  What a winning combination!

Danny & Annie from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

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