Lucky me!

I am a lucky woman.  SMS is so in love with me that he’ll indulge my ridiculous tastes.  Last week, I got a care package *yay!* that contained delicious coffee from Cafe Calabria and two bags of Kale Krunch.

If you think the coffee is ridiculous, get off this blog! (No wait, don’t!)  It’s the kale chips that are crazy. The Krazy Kale Krunch is a delicious bag of kale chips (khips?).  It also retails for just under $6/bag.  SIX DOLLARS A BAG!  That is KRAZY!

When I eat the kale chips, I think they are delicious.  This lasts for the four chips that are actually intact.  Then I start eating the crumbs.  Midway through eating the crumbs, I start to feel that the crumbs look and smell like the fish food I used to feed my…you guessed it, fish.  I also start to suspect that maybe the price is due to the special crunch that only ground up $100 bills can provide.  But still, I love kale chips and SMS knows this and he spends ridiculous money at ridiculous grocery stores (I’m looking at you Whole Foods) to send me super sweet care packages.

But, I decided enough is enough!  This decision occurred when I started looking on Amazon and saw I could buy myself 12 bags for $65.  That is a nice dinner out!  KRAZY!

So, I Googled kale chips recipes and have already made two batches.  (BTW, does anyone remember when people were all up in arms about “Google” becoming a verb?  I think that was 2005/6-ish and baby, that verb is here to stay!).

First batch!

My first batch was a simple coating of olive oil, nutritional yeast, salt and pepper.  They were pretty delicious.  I cannot vouch for the authenticity of my olive oil’s origins though, which make me sad ever since my olive oil innocence was ruined by this article.

Second batch!

The second batch aimed to emulate the cheezy coating on the commercial chips.  I used this recipe and while I was missing the red pepper and had far too little nutritional yeast, I think the coating came out pretty well.  I can’t wait to stock up on some cooking goods in San Diego and follow the recipe exactly.  I think good things will come of it!

Finally, in case kale grosses you out or you think I’m some sad, washed-out hipster who thinks she lives in Brooklyn c.2011, here are some pretty pictures from my balcony.  I love the sunset colors and Tokyo Skytree in the far-off background.

Then, this morning, there was a small parade of four fishing boats trawling about 30 feet away from the sea wall.  Sagoy!

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