Sunny San Diego!

Last Thursday, I left Tokyo and arrived in San Diego 5 hours before I left that same day!  Oh, things are wild and crazy when the international date line is involved!

Yes, it’s time to see SMS again!  It had been a month since I’d seen him and in the interim, two snowstorms had hit the greater Yokosuka area.  This was much to SMS’ chagrin since he would have liked to see it although knowing his allergy to cold, it probably wouldn’t have been that cool.  It would have been fun to go sledding together- if he had been there, I would have gone out in the crazy wind and snow rather than staying comfortably inside.

But all that bad weather is left far, far behind now that I’m in the completely gorgeous, 60-70s degree temps and completely loving it!  My appreciation for San Diego is renewed.

Anyway, enough weather talk!  Small talk, chit-chat, boring!

So, SMS picked me up at the airport.  We waited for my billion-pound bag together and then hopped in the car.  I thought we were going to Newport Beach but he missed the first turn-off for the I-5 and then he missed the second.  He pulled into Little Italy and I thought, “MACAROONS!” because I thought he was taking me to the bakery where they are delicious and not stupidly priced.

Instead, he clicked a button and a garage door swung open.  He had planned something much, much better than macaroons (I know, how is that possible?!?).  We were having a mini-vacation in Little Italy!  Hooray!  My travels were done!

We stayed at the Pensionne Hotel.  It was very cute and in the heart of Little Italy.  I love that neighborhood.  We walked down to the harbor and then to dinner at Davanti Enoteca.  Dinner was outstanding!  We had their focaccia, which is more like a really cheesy double-crusted crispy flatbread.  It was awesome.  We also had a delicious mascarpone polenta with lamb shoulder ragu, yummy green salad, anchovies and a cheese plate.  I had two new-to-me cheeses at SMS’ recommendation.  Both were terrific: La Tur and Robiola Bosina.

The next day, we had breakfast at Extraordinary Desserts.  We had coffee and granola.  It was good but I would like to go the Sunday breakfast spread at some point.  That sounds amazing.  Then, it was off to Newport Beach for a sunny, awesome beach weekend.

On the way, SMS stopped by Suny’s camera store to get the last few details of his Toyo GII 4 x 5″ camera rental for his San Diego film photo shoot.  We went to Santa Monica Seafood for a delicious (and somewhat pricey) lunch.  Finally, I got my hair cut for the first time since last Summer.

Then, it was time to kick back at the beach.  We had a great weekend, but more to come in another post!

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