San Diego Visit Recap- Newport Beach Weekend #1

Sorry in advance!  The next few posts are going to be a little list-y since I wrote them after the fact and my poor food coma mind had trouble remembering the sequence of all the amazing restaurants we ate at.  
We headed up to Newport for the weekend, which was gorgeous, sunny, Orange County beauty.  Before heading to the house, we stopped at Samy’s Camera to finalize the details of the Toyo camera rental for SMS’ big project.  Then, we went to Gulfstream for an expensive but tasty seafood lunch.  Next, I got my haircut- it had been 7 months!  I didn’t love my haircut the first few days but then I realized that I was using gunky shampoo so I switched that up and then I was very happy with my hair #OCproblems.
On Saturday, we went to Gulfstream with SMS’ Grandpa Dick.  We split smoked salmon and grilled artichoke. Amazing.  I had forgotten how much I love grilled artichokes.  Also, the smoked salmon is so flavorful and moist, which is surprising for smoked fish.  It’s fun to rediscover favorites.  
For dinner, we at EATChow one night and Cucina Alessa in Huntington Beach the other night.  At EATChow, I had an awesome salad and at Cucina Alessa, I had my favorite pasta (papperdelle) with a delicious lamb ragu.

SMS and I also went for walks at Huntington Beach and to Newport pier.  On the Newport walk, we stopped at Dory Fishing Fleet Market and picked up a black cod big enough for two.  They gutted and filleted the fish and we made an awesome dish that night.  I tried to use potato chip crust.  It wasn’t very good but didn’t ruin anything.  I just scraped it off and ate the fish with capers, butter and lemon.  Delicious.

Before going back to San Diego, we went to Samy’s Camera shop to pick up the Toyo IIA camera, a slide-film camera that was the star of SMS’ planned photo project.  We were going to take a few landmark pictures in San Diego over the course of the week on film SMS had bought over three years ago!

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