Home Sweet Home

Well, I’m back in Japan.  Let me go on record that I would rather be in San Diego (duh) but I am looking forward to SMS being here in two months.  Hooray!

I have started to enter minor freakout mode for the oral boards but fortunately, there is an easy solution. Study.  So while I may be a little boring over the next month, I feel ok with where I’m at on my study timeline.

I arrived on Tuesday and headed back.  My jetlag isn’t terrible but I’m still adjusting.  Currently, I’m waking up REALLY early which is better than the jetlag that makes me feel like a zombie midday.

On Wednesday, I had clinic which was filled with pre-ops and some interesting cases.  It was an enjoyable, not-too-overscheduled day.  Thursday, I had a very general ENT day- tubes, tonsils and septoplasties.

On Friday, I had a bad road trip trying to make it up to Atsugi for a trip to Iwo Jima/Iwo To.  Unfortunately, I got called back to the hospital for a patient so I ended up not making it.  I will make it sometime in the next year.  I’m on a mission.

Finally, this weekend is going to be a 72-hour lovefest with me and my favorite textbook, Operative Otolaryngology.  I know, you must be super jealous.

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