San Diego Visit Recap- Newport Beach Weekend 2!

The weather wasn’t as nice, but we still had a great time.  We hung out with SMS’ grandfather Marty.  We went to the Elk’s Club, which is a long-standing favorite of Marty’s.  Now I just need to go to the Chicken Coop and I’ll really be family!

On Sunday, we watched the Oscars with Marty and Pam before heading out to Gulfstream.  They were out of oysters!!!  I almost wanted to leave but we stayed and had a great meal.  
Monday, we drove to San Diego.  The flight was delayed and I called during our drive.  The lady said I would still make the plane and should stick with the itineray.  I had a gut feeling that this was NOT a good idea but hey, the United lady said to do it.  We got to San Diego and the woman at the counter was like, “Um, highly unlikely” that I would make the flight.   &%*$&$*!!!  After looking at multiple options, I got a flight out of LAX on Singapore Airlines.  Bad news: I had to get myself there.  So my awesome husband and I got more QT time although unfortunately in the form of a deja vu roadtrip north.  
Now I’m on Singapore Airlines which is the height of luxury, even in coach!  I have an aisle seat and they are feeding us like crazy.  I declined the Hagen-Daz and copious booze (free cocktails and after-meal apertifs).   Why?  Because I’m crazy!  Who wants free booze, not me!   Seriously though, I wanted to study on the flight so no drinking and as for the ice cream,  I’ve already eaten enough rich food that Hagen-Daz and I don’t need to be besties right now!
Also, although I have studied, I did sample the inflight entertainment.  It is AWESOME!  So many movies and TV shows.  I’ve already watched Dallas Buyer’s Club (sorry SMS) and August: Osage County.  I recommend both!

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