Cool things on the Internet

I cannot tell a lie.  Sometimes (a lot), I take breaks from studying and find cool things on the internet.  Ha, ha, attention span.

 Isn’t this the coolest?  Spineless classics specializes in printing the full text of classic books on posters in the form of an iconic/classic image from the book.  (And if you are wondering if I could have possibly put more prepositional phrases in the last sentence, well, it would have been hard.)  I think it’s such a neat concept.  I also think it’s hard to pick out one favorite but James and the Giant Peach wins for colorful nostalgia.

I still think it’s weird what I was and was not allowed to watch on TV during childhood.  Namely, given all the things I couldn’t watch, how was Seinfeld ok?  I guess because it was hilarious and Mom and Dad wanted to watch it too.  Anyway, there are 9 letterpress-ish posters featuring classic Seinfeld food and this is my favorite.  Plus, how 90s are pretzels?

It’s not just about me.  This shirt would be perfect for SMS!  Ok, ok, I get hangry too…

And some cool articles…
* Big data overlaid on Google maps.  There’s maps on the Civil War, Home Affordability, Deforestation…very cool!

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