Misawa Wrap-Up

After a great weekend, SMS and I left Misawa on Monday.  It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been in Misawa so I wanted to write a few last notes, even if it’s slightly disjointed.

*The weekend was made infinitely better by not staying in the Misawa Inn.  We stayed at a family’s house while they were away and it was so nice to be in a home, even if it wasn’t our home.

Takara Sushi.  Do you see the shrimp on the left.  Yeeks.

*During the week prior, we had some pretty good meals.  Thunder ramen was delicious.  We also went to Takara sushi, known locally by Americans as “Fear Factor Sushi” since they serve live shrimp sushi.  That did not appeal to me but someone I know was more adventurous and ate it.  Sagoy!  The sushi that I did eat was awesome and so fresh.  It was terrific!  There were aquariums in the store so I got to look at future dinners while eating my own.  Slightly disconcerting since I’m definitely a “fish and meat come from Styrofoam containers” type of person but I got over it since we went back twice!

*During the week, we went to the Misawa Aviation and Science Museum.  Misawa is very proud of that the Miss Vedol left from Misawa Beach on the trip to Washington, the first trans-Pacific flight.  SMS said it’s because nothing has happened in Misawa since then (1931) and I’m inclined to agree.

Left: Pneumatic Tube/Top Right: Clearly, I think I’m in the Danger Zone/Bottom Right: Big Kid!

The museum was SO cool.  We were the only two people in there for most of our time, which seems so weird to me because it’s American Summer Vacation and it seems like the perfect place for kids to explore and play, especially around the display planes outside that you can enter.  I found a big kid in one of the cockpits.

There were also a lot of interesting interactive science exhibits.  We flew a flight simulator.  We went in a pneumatic tube and got tossed around on an air column (we were strapped in seats, not free-floating like Charlie and his Grandfather in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).  There was also a lens exhibit, sound tube, moon walk and helicopter steering ride. There was also a full-size impression device that I don’t know the name of but it’s a large version of the desk toy where you place your hands against blunt needle-like pins and it makes an impression of your hand.

*On the way home, we stopped at Ramen Alley in Tokyo Station.  We went to Honda, a shoyu-based ramen restaurant.  So, at this point, I’ve been to three of the ten ramen shops in Ramen Alley.  I’m not dying to try more, but if we are there, it would be fun to try a new one each time.  The reason I’m not dying to do it is that ramen isn’t exactly good for the waistline.  I used to hear about people gaining weight when stationed in Japan and I didn’t understand how that could happen in the land of sushi.  Well, even though I haven’t gained weight, I understand how it’s very easy because it’s also the land of katsu, amazing pastries, ramen and all delicious fried things.

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