Fourth of July and Local Notes

SMS and I had a fun party for the 4th of July.  The base was having fireworks and we knew we’d have a great view from our balcony.  I cooked up a taco bar fiesta (chicken tinga, oven-fried carnitas, potato/egg/olive) and we had several friends over.  We had so much fun.  I feel really lucky that we’ve met such a great group of people and so quickly too.  We hung out, watched fireworks and played Cards Against Humanity.

July has been going well.  The hydrangeas are gorgeous, although the bloom season is almost complete.  The weather is starting to become very humid so I will soon start a hair products search for anti-humidity/frizz (fascinating, right?)

SMS and I went to LaLaPort, a mall up in Yokohama.  The clothing stores here are great for thin people and SMS had some really nice finds.  He looks very stylish and is a true ikemen!  In order to make sure he is able to fit in his thin clothes, we decided to eat a macadamia nut waffle.  It was delicious!  I love the Hawaiian restaurants in Japan- the food is superb!

Finally, here’s a picture of our favorite yakitori place just outside our train station Horinouchi.  The yakitori is delicious and the people there, both owners and patrons, are really nice.

I’ll take all of them!

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