Portland, OR

A few months ago, SMS and I took a quiz on Facebook that was psychic-level accurate in saying that we should live in Portland.  Well, maybe we’ll never end up there to live but we both loved the city for our short visit!
Stumptown Coffee and Voodoo

On Monday, we focused on the city itself.  Several of our stops were based off of Laddie’s recommendations on her wedding website.  We slept in, which I’ve found to be the sweet spot for sleeping when coming East from Japan.  5-10 a.m. are the soundest sleeping hours.  This is fine on vacation but a little rough when I’m back for business/interviews.  After getting up, we went to BUNK sandwiches for a late breakfast.  I had an Egg, Bacon and Cheese on a hard roll while SMS had a grilled PB&J.    My sandwich was delicious- kind of heavy but by the time we ate, I was really hungry.  Afterwards, we headed to Stumptown Coffee for some pour-over coffee.  It was a tiny bit too acidic for me but the lighter notes in the coffee were very prominent and sparkly.  (I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence.  What does it even mean?!?).  

Petting the wild animals

After coffee, we walked by VooDoo doughnuts although we did not partake after trying them out on Sunday.  They’re good, but over-the-top with sugar and since we had just woken up from coma-like sleep, we didn’t want a sugar low to send us back!  Actually on this vacation, SMS and I noticed a couple of things seemed really sweet after getting used to food in Japan.  I don’t really bake so all of our desserts have mostly been at Japanese restaurants or bakeries where they have a lighter touch with the amount of sugar used.  I think this makes the desserts more delicious since there’s other flavors that are highlighted rather than just sugar.
Pioneer Square

Afterwards, we went to take the MDX (train) to Washington Park to see the Rose Garden and Japanese Garden.  The MDX was complimentary on Monday due to the MDX system apologizing to customers for delays the previous weeks.  We were unintended beneficiaries but we gladly accepted the free rides!  We transferred at Pioneer Square where there was a really awesome band providing lunchtime music.  We walked through the Farmer’s Market where there were the most beautiful bouquets.  I definitely miss large bouquets of cheap-ish flowers because bouquets are tiny and expensive here.  
Rose Garden and some Randos who wouldn’t keep getting out of my pictures…

We took the MDX to Washington Park and walked to the Rose Garden.  It was amazing.  Of course I knew there would be roses there but in person, the number and variety were stunning.  We walked through the general beds, test beds and gold medal winner beds.  We were partial to a few of the purple roses, but I honestly couldn’t pick a favorite. Next, we went to the Japanese Garden which may seem silly but we were there and it’s a highly regarded garden so we wanted to check it out.  It was very beautiful and we enjoyed walking around, especially in the continuing awesome weather.
Japanese Gardens

We went to the Pearl District after having a late lunch at the Alder Food Truck area between 10th and 11th SW.  I had Ethiopian food, which was awesome since I haven’t had any in forever.  SMS had a Greek mezze plate that had several tasty treats.  We went to Powell’s Bookstore where I bought a used book (yay) and wrote down several titles that I’m going to try and get from the library.
CW from top L: Food trucks, Powell’s Books, Darth Vader on a mechanical unicycle playing
the bagpipes because, of course.

We walked around in the golden hour around the Pearl District.  The architecture is awesome and we walked by Laddie’s old workplace.  For dinner, we decided to get cheese, bread and olives from Whole Foods.  It was an awesome day and we both really loved the city.  Next up…Nature Day!

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